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Seasoned Defense Against Trespassing Charges

It is a criminal offense to trespass on another's land, building or vehicle.  However there are defenses.  One is that you had "effective consent."  An example would be a store owner opening the doors. Obviously the storeowner wants you to come in.  The other defense is that you did not receive notice that entry was forbidden.  Examples of effective notice are:

  • Verbal Notice: If you visited a home or business, you would be trespassing if the owner verbally told you to leave and you refused to go. This would also be true if the person who told you to leave had the apparent authority of the actual owner, such as a security guard.
  • Fencing:   A fence is an obvious communication that you are not to pass.
  • Signs:  Posting "No trespassing" signs adequately communicates that you are not to enter.
  • Purple Marks: If you were out hunting, the property owner may legally communicate that you are to stay out by painting two visible purple marks on trees or posts at regular intervals. 
  • Crops: You are deemed to have notice if crops being grown or harvested in an area.

The offense is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 and up to 180 days in jail.  If you are charged with trespassing you are urged to contact San Antonio domestic violence lawyer John F. Fox for effective defense.

Trespassing Attorney in San Antonio

We provide vigorous defense for clients charged with trespassing.  At The Law Firm of John J. Fox we have served the San Antonio area since 1999.  When you contact us we take the time to find about your case and answer your questions.  We investigate the matter and interview witnesses to build the strongest defense possible. Throughout the case we work aggressively to protect your freedom and achieve a good resolution of the case.

Contact San Antonio trespassing lawyer John J. Fox for aggressive defense against trespassing charges.

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