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Restraining Order Violation Defense

Domestic Violence Lawyer in San Antonio

If you are facing a restraining order violation, it is important to obtain effective defense against charges. A restraining order violation is a Class A misdemeanor punishable with a one year sentence in the county jail and fine up to $4,000.  With two previous convictions, it becomes a third degree felony with a 2 to 10 year prison term possible.  Fortunately there are defenses to restraining order violation charges which San Antonio domestic violence lawyer John J. Fox may raise on your behalf.

Defending Restraining Order Violations in San Antonio

At The Law Firm of John J. Fox, we defend clients charged with restraining order violations.  For over 12 years we have served the San Antonio community.  We understand our client's upset over the restraining order and realize that many times the order is unfair and unwarranted. Our goal is first to protect the client against criminal charges and second obtain modification or cancellation of the protective order so that the client may resume normal family relations.

Fighting the Charge

In a restraining order violation case, we can often attack the credibility of the witnesses for the prosecution.  We find that witness statements are often made to gain advantage in child custody disputes and sometimes are plain vindictive.  We have private investigators and retired police investigators we may call on to help establish the truth.  

The prosecution must also prove criminal intent on the part of our client.  In many instances our client misunderstood or was unaware of the requirements of the restraining order and was just trying to initiate friendly communication with the family. 

We make every effort to better the situation and restore circumstances so that our client can resume a normal family life.  We have mitigation specialists, psychologists, therapists, medical doctors and nurses we consult to bolster our case for positive solutions.

Contact domestic violence lawyer in San Antonio John J. Fox to discuss your case.

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