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Harassment Defense Lawyer in San Antonio

Arrested for Harassment?

Harassment includes actions which a reasonable person would consider to cause another distress. There is much conduct which falls under this category.  For instance it is prohibited to threaten bodily injury to another, to one's family or property.  It is also unlawful to communicate alarming news to another which one knows to be false.  The state has also recently outlawed the use of "electronic means" to harass others including a whole range of cell phone or computer activity.  This is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and up to a $2,000 fine. If you or a family member is facing harassment charges it is important to obtain a strong defense.   You are urged to contact San Antonio domestic violence defense attorney John J. Fox.

Online Harassment

Many actions on the computer are chargeable as criminal harassment.  These include impersonating another to send out embarrassing communications.  It can involve spreading false accusations about a person on websites, blogs and in chat rooms and encouraging others to also harass the person.  It may involve ordering magazines and products in a person's name.

San Antonio Harassment Defense Attorney

At The Law Firm of John J. Fox we provide a strong defense against harassment charges.  We have been serving the San Antonio area since 1999.  We find that many harassment charges result from activity intended as a prank without any real criminal intent.  We notice that many clients are young people simply following the example of their friends.  We also discover that the supposed "victim" often initiated the harassment and our client simply responded with similar action.

Defense Against Harassment Charges

When we take on a case, we learn all of the facts.  We have private investigators and former police investigators skilled in getting to the bottom of matters and finding the real truth.  We then present to prosecutors or the court the full story and put the matter in perspective.  Our goal is dismissal of charges and protection of our clients from having a criminal record.

Contact harassment defense lawyer in San Antonio John J. Fox for forceful defense against harassment charges.

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