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Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Violence

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Below are a few questions we are often asked.  The answers are for general information, and are not intended as legal advice.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact San Antonio domestic violence lawyer John J. Fox.

What is domestic violence under law?

This covers a whole range of objectionable activity which may occur in the home.  It includes physical violence, threats of violence and sexual abuse.

If I have a restraining order out against me, what can I do?

You need to follow the restraining order exactly or you may be charged with criminal violations of the restraining order.  You need to the assistance of legal counsel to contest the restraining order in court.  If it can be shown that the facts on which the order is based are untrue the court may cancel the restraining order.

How do you defend against charges of child abuse?

It sometimes occurs that a spouse or domestic partner will use child abuse charges to gain advantage in a child custody fight.  Sometimes charges are leveled simply out of spite.  We call on investigators as needed to help us establish the truth.  Accusations of child abuse must be fought.  A child abuse charge on your record can seriously harm your position in the community and make it hard to find jobs.

What is stalking?

It is engaging in a course of conduct targeting a specific individual to cause fear in the other person. The activity must be repeated at least once.   

What is disorderly conduct?

This involves causing a disturbance in public.  It covers a wide range of conduct.  It is the one misdemeanor offense for which a police officer may arrest without observing the activity.  It includes threatening another, fighting, indecent exposure, creating excessive noise in a place not your home and using chemicals to create an obnoxious smell.  Brandishing or discharging a firearm in public may also be charged but as a felony.

What types of domestic violence cases does your firm defend?

We assist clients in defending all types of misdemeanor and felony domestic violence charges, including but not limited to accusations of assault, disorderly conduct, trespassing, kidnapping, domestic violence charges, why hire a domestic violence attorney, child abuse, spousal abuse, restraining orders, restraining order violations, stalking, and harassment. If you have further questions, contact a domestic violence defense lawyer at The Law Firm of John J. Fox, serving the San Antonio area since 1999.

Contact San Antonio domestic violence attorney  John J. Fox for answers to your questions about domestic violence.

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