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Domestic Violence Charges

San Antonio Domestic Violence Attorney

At The Law Firm of John J. Fox we understand how small matters can get out of hand.  Our goal is to help our client avoid going to jail and obtaining a criminal record affecting the client's life long after criminal penalties have been dealt with.  We have served the San Antonio community since 1999 with skilled and dedicated defense against domestic violence charges.  We work with private investigators, mitigation specialists, psychologists, therapists, medical doctors, nurses and former police investigators to provide our clients the strong defense they need against charges.  If you are facing domestic violence charges, we urge you to contact domestic violence attorney in San Antonio John J. Fox for the help you need.

Family Violence Enhancements

Some charges such as aggravated assault have a family violence enhancement.  This means that the penalty is enhanced because there was domestic violence involved.  This can result in longer prison time and loss of rights to own a firearm.  We fight to prevent these enhancements from being implemented.

Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Where our client was acting in self defense we establish the truth for the court to see. We are aware that some domestic violence charges are trumped up by unscrupulous mates seeking to obtain advantage in child custody battles. We find out the facts so as to set the record straight. 

Protective Order

If you have been served with a restraining order or protective order, it is important to obtain legal counsel at once.  These orders often require that you leave your home and stop communication with your spouse or family.  While your first impulse may be making up with your partner, this can get you in further trouble.  If you return to your home even with your partner's permission, you are subject to arrest.  It is important to work through an attorney to first get the protective order lifted. We are eager to put our skills to use in your defense.  Contact  domestic violence defense attorney John J. Fox to discuss your case.

Contact San Antonio domestic violence attorney John J. Fox for vigorous defense against domestic violence charges.

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