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Have you been charged with Assault Bodily Injury (Family)?

Many individuals who are accused of serious domestic violence crimes have never had a run in with the law and are quite shocked and confused by the accusation.  In some circumstances, a malicious act of a family member or a false accusation can lead to a person being charged with assault.  Assault Bodily Injury (Family) is a serious accusation to make in the state of Texas.  The laws make it extremely difficult for an accused individual to escape a conviction, especially without the help of a seasoned San Antonio domestic violence lawyer.

Here at The Law Office of John J. Fox, the legal team represents clients who have been accused of or charged with assault to a family member in San Antonio.  With an intimate understanding of the law surrounding domestic violence charges, we realize that the charges you are up against can result in serious consequences if you are convicted.  The attorneys at the firm will dedicate their time to ensuring that a strong and aggressive defense is concocted to counter the prosecution.

About Assault Bodily Injury (Family) Charges

When facing the serious charges of Assault Bodily Injury (Married), Assault Bodily Injury (Family), spousal abuse or child abuse, it is vitally important to keep your legal representation at your side or at a short phone call away.  They will be able to conduct a thorough investigation into your recent charges, interrogate the arresting officers and use forensic evidence to help prove your innocence.

We are aware of how concerning an accusation such as this will be, which is why our firm strives to protect your rights.  Your future, freedom and reputation are all on the line when being prosecuted for serious domestic violence charges such as these.  If convicted, you may never be able to get another job, apply for school or possibly see your family again.  Protect your future - call our office today to schedule your initial consultation.

Contact a San Antonio domestic violence attorney from The Law Office of John J. Fox if you have been accused of Assault Bodily Injury (Family).

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