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Charged with a Domestic Violence Crime?

When accused of committing the crime of domestic violence or a related criminal offense such as spousal abuse, child abuse, or other, you are facing some truly heavy consequences if convicted. State lawmakers have enacted some very severe penalties for those who are found guilty of a number of domestic violence charges, including assault, disorderly conduct, trespassing, kidnapping, domestic violence charges, why hire a domestic violence attorney, child abuse, spousal abuse, assault bodily injury (married), assault bodily injury (family), restraining orders, restraining order violations, stalking, and harassment. Any person who has been caught in the net of the criminal justice system on one of these criminal offenses should act quickly in enlisting the assistance of a skilled San Antonio domestic violence defense lawyer. At The Law Firm of John J. Fox, we understand how concerned you are and we will act quickly in initiating defense actions to fight to help you avoid the repercussions to your life, your reputation and your freedom.

Defending Domestic Violence Cases in San Antonio

When accused of any such crime, you should be careful to avoid making statements until you have legal representation. As these charges are often based upon the testimony of one person - the alleged victim - you are better served by remaining silent until a defense attorney has been hired to help you. With fast action taken on your behalf, it may be possible to have the charges dismissed or reduced. Other cases could allow for us to take action in seeking alternative sentencing.

For those who have been falsely accused of this crime, you are in a particularly difficult situation; you are facing the same penalties that you would have received if had you actually committed the crime. We have found in our years of defending clients against domestic violence charges that a great number are related to a bitter divorce or custody battle, with one party seeking to damage the other by making criminal accusations. These situations should be addressed at once, as without skilled attorney John J. Fox, you could face conviction, even when falsely accused. Other cases may require that we expose factors such as self defense or other mitigating factors that could assist in defending you in court. We know how to fight for you and are here to discuss your case.

Contact San Antonio domestic violence defense lawyer John J. Fox at once if you have been accused of committing any crime related to violence against a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, domestic partner, child or other family member.

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